Thank you for visiting We welcome you to our Happy Family Movement, an attempt of Reviving Humanity Team to rejuvenate, to knit our families together with love, smiles and amuse. Today, there are unprecedented and varied strains on our families. Parents would readily agree with us that there is not enough quality time and family care that they are able to share with their children and feel guilty about it. Work Pressures, High Expectations are taking away love, sensitivity and non violence from our lives, which could be devastating for our family units. Kids are expected to be super-kids and parents to be super-parents. A sense of belonging is fading away due to excessive competition. Drug and alcohol abuse is both cause and result of family demoralization. It is our hope that this magazine will reduce the tensions and make our society, our families cooperative and happier. We believe our families, our children should be kind, cooperative, sensitive people who will give family life a high priority, who will participate in community, who will do common good, who will enrich their spirits with cultural interest. This magazine is our way to improve society. If as parents we cannot stop violence and explicit vulgarity in movies and TV at least we can give them healthy literature to read and look up to. We want people to participate in this happy family movement, and discuss our magazine with their children, their family, their community.

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God Bless Our Home

Nitika has earned praise for nurturning human resources, developing human brains for training and rehabilitaiton of special people and enthustically Nitika has written course curriculums and educational books for Private and Government institutes. Nitika is a sought after resource person on issues related to inclusion, education, training, employment, and empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. She speaks on Disability related issues on TV, National and Interational Conferences; and in Semiars as Invited/Guest Speaker on issues related Children with Developmental Disabilities.

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Nitika is the Founder Director of

Nitika is Founder Director of


God Bless Our Home
- a Poem by Jassmine

A magazine by the people, for the people and of the people
This is our mantra and this is what we preach
Grandmother, grandfather, mom and dad we all are here to teach.

A word unsaid, a sorrow unspoken
We will mend any heart broken

Open the magazine, explore and learn something new
Because experts like us are quite a few

Each one of us has a say here
This liberation and freedom of speech won't be found anywhere

Our articles, our sketches are one of a kind
Keeping in mind the emotional value, our magazine is designed

God bless our home is not just a magazine, it's a moment to keep the world connected
Most importantly, all of us are respected.

People say this magazine is family oriented
We totally agree and fill in whatever is expected

From spirituality to sports, we touch all the spheres
By giving you knowledge we help eliminate all your fears

Vaastu-shastra, animal awareness, current affairs and health tips can be found inside
You can rely on our information as we are here to guide

Our articles are very easy for anyone to relate
Because our views are set across straight

Our amazing tea time ideas are liked by all
And our jokes would keep you laughing, beware you might fall

Our readers' interest is the top most priority
So that we can keep happy the majority

Come subscribe to our magazine and open your mind day by day
We promise to entertain and educate you come what may

our home