Vehicles are no more just a form of transportation but an extension of personality, a medium to express individuality and speak with public at large. Some people put on interesting bumper stickers and slogans on the rear glass windows. There is a clutch of perplexity viewing at the bumper stickers people have on their cars. Sometimes bumper stickers can tell you oodles about the person in front of you and warn you to avoid the person or just make you laugh. Messages are of various types, it could be advertisement or commercial, religious, political, secular, humorous, or in support of a sports team or other organization.

To a psychologist it can tell you that driver in front of you lacks critical thought, is emotionally fragile, or just has a wicked sense of humor. Many of us feel compelled to put God Idol or picture inside on the dash board of car. Is the motivation behind this to become closer to God? Or is it an anti-theft devise?

Similarly, are these message/slogans are idols of freedom of speech, icons of individuality, expression of personality. Is it about hiding the rusted area? or poor paint condition or about getting attention or is it about being who they are?

Some say, its like a tattoo for car! People also wear T-shirts with slogans and messages... But Would it not be inappropriate to read a bumper sticker and think that you know all about the person who drives that car. Assumptions could be completely wrong at times. But why are people advertising their opinion and bothering others while driving?

I get it, I get it. It's the 21st century. You're cool, you're rebellious, you're cutting edge, you have a point to prove, you are of legal age to drive, and guess what - You have a car! Awesome!

Freedom is our birth right, but here's my question... Why communicate your strongest belief, or express with unknown public who least care to know. And who has time while driving? Why are these messages on the back of the car? From where you, the driver yourself, can almost never see it, but the rest of world always can... Why state an opinion in people's faces, when no one can reply to your opinion? Why would people care for information, they did not even ask for?

Many drivers told me, they get honks, thumbs up, smiles and even high fives for their messages. They act like conversation starters and connect like minded people. They are points of commonality, they are emotions, beliefs and life experiences saying who you are...The reaction to bumper stickers, helps car owners identify and develop who they are, their individuality...

Some people use false PRESS, POLICE and related message/sticker to impress others with their power and position. Does this mean put power-packed stickers on your car and it’s OK to break the law? My friend, You dont put a bumper sticker if u have a Ferrari, right?

So now you know everything about car stickers. If you insist on voicing something please remember: Like a tattoo, one carefully placed bumper sticker is probably OK. But don't put too many. And just so that you know, writer of this article does not have a bumper sticker on his car. hahaha :P


My Random thoughts...
while waiting on a traffic signal.

Why do people worship their cars more than they love their kids? Why aren’t taxi or bus drivers, auto drivers more courteous and not rapist? If you accidentally touch other guy's car bumper in heavy traffic by mistake, why does he starts abusing and saying abusive words and bust windshields with punches? Driving and life, both need patience. Sometimes its good to walk, its environmentally friendly and also good for health. Why not walk to the shop or a mother dairy booth for milk yourself instead of asking your maid/servant? Why do we have to decorate our lives and live as if we are living in a Television serial? Sometimes we hate rickshaw wallas or poor people sitting at the road-side but they are the first one we ask for, when our car battery goes down and we need someone to push-start it?