Written by John Mason, the book motivates people to be bold and courageous. It inspires people to be master of their life, and what happens around them. Original, John mason says competes against himself; the copy competes against others. Original tries to make the world adapt; a copy adapts to the world. Based on Christian principles of life, book is John Mason's prayer to reveal his plan for each and everyone. First, the book attempts to attack the mind-set of mediocrity, of doing anything other than what God wants you to do and second to stir up the gifts he has placed in each one of us.

This self help book is divided into three parts: (1) Looking Inward (2) Looking Outward and (3) Looking Upward. Full of wisdom, inspiring quotes, modern face-book e-cards, book invokes and motivates people to embrace uniqueness, God gifted qualities and use them to do God's work and live life with confidence.

Three of my favorite quotes from this book are, first: “A person's significance is determined by the cause for which they live and the price they are willing to pay." Second: “When God gets ready to bless you. He does not send complainers into your life. He sends those full of faith, power and love.”; and Lastly: “Criticism is a compliment when you are following God's plan."

You're Born an Original- Don't Die a Copy

Author: John Mason
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks

Price: Rs. 140
No. of Pages: 200
Language: English
ISBN: 8122205291