Do Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev have an unreasonable hope? They have surely become voice of Indian public but why has issue of Lokpal bill become India's last and only resort to black money and corruption? Why are people becoming anti-constitutional, anti-parliament, anti-political leaders? Sixty years post independence, spending trillions on education, health food, still our majority of population is under poverty line, unskilled, without medical care... People of India have right to be angry and disagree with politicians. But someone said, “Every country has the politicians it deserves...", So is this an era of anti-politics? Some divide and rule, while some unite and lead... Question we must ask ourselves is will this make a better and united India? What do you think?


Violence in Delhi school. A Class X student of Bal Bharti Public School, Pusa Road, suffered six deep cuts on his left arm after he was attacked by his classmate with a paper cutter on the school premises. The injured boy underwent a minor surgery at a hospital and is now out of danger. 40 stitches were put on the boy’s arm. (Source: Indian Express)
A 20-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy were shot dead at home in Central Delhi's Ranjit Nagar area on Monday evening. The accused, their cousin Gaurav, was reportedly unhappy about his father getting a smaller share of ancestral property than his uncle. Police said the accused envied his financially better off cousins and had planned their murder carefully. He bought a .32-bore pistol for Rs 45,000 and committed the double murder at a time when only the siblings, Shivani (20) and Vishal (17) were home. He even used a towel to muffle the pistol's report. (Source: Times of India)
Honour killing: Brother kills sister and her lover
In a shocking incident, Barjinder Singh (24) shot dead his older sister and her lover on Wednesday. The honour killing took place at Hambran village at about 4 am. The bodies have been handed over their respective families after post mortem. The two were shot by a weapon that the family had not deposited with the police, as ordered by the Election Commission, claiming that they needed it to protect their family. (Source: Indian Express)

Pub employee gang-raped. 23-year-old woman working at a pub in a prominent shopping mall in neighbouring Gurgaon was allegedly abducted by some young men in the early hours of Monday while she was on her way home after duty hours and was gang-raped at an unidentified place. A case has been registered against unknown persons at the DLF Phase-II police station in this connection. (Source: The Hindu)


Another suicide at Delhi Metro station, fourth in six days. A 22-year-old man was killed after he allegedly jumped off the platform railing at Govindpuri Metro station in south-east Delhi. He fell on to the road below. This was the fourth incident of suicide at a Metro station in just six days. “We are examining the CCTV footage at the station to know what really happened,” a police official said.

Earlier, a 55-year-old retired government employee was killed after he jumped on to the tracks of INA Metro station. A day prior to that a 27-year-old woman jumped off Kirti Nagar Metro station’s intersection platform, and before that marital discord drove 26-year-old bank employee Priya Khandelwal to kill herself at a Metro station in Gurgaon. (Source: Deccan Herald)
Turn to any newspaper paper or TV Channel randomly and you will find such kind of violence all over the country. Many of such cases also go unreported every day. Why as a society we are unable to reduce such events? Violence is increasing alarmingly inside the four walls we call home. Sometimes, unfortunately children of such houses go outside and do bigger crimes.

Why are we becoming so insensitive, intolerant and violent? Story is same, whether it is rural areas or the civilized urban/metro cities. Legacy of violence is being passed on from one generation to another. Let us together in our homes pray for the sufferers...

Dear God,

Please help each and everyone of us, all those people who have suffered, and especially those who are suffering in silence and are not known to us. Please watch and protect our souls, our bodies, our families. We pray to you, we shall never stop praying for all those who are suffering... For you to put your blessings on all the families, all homes is our constant prayer.

Oh God,
Please Bless us all.