Barely alive, Rohini sisters rescued from home

NEW DELHI: The middle class neighborhood of Rohini's Sector VIII woke up on Saturday to a shocking story of neglect and social apathy. Two sisters - allegedly suffering from depression and malnutrition for months with their bodies having started to rot - were sent to hospital by one of their relatives who stays in the area after the stench from the house became unbearable. How the 65-year-old mother of the two women and her grandson, 14-years-old, managed to live in these conditions without seeking help is a mystery. The neighbours admitted that they chose to ignore the screams and stench for over two years believing that "the matter did not concern them.'' And on Saturday morning, they came to know the truth only through television. (Date: 17-Jun-2012, Times of India).
CHENNAI: Hooked to booze and women, two young men murdered their friend's mother to steal gold and cash from her house in New Washermenpet on Tuesday night to pay off a call girl. Police arrested P Suresh, 26, and V Sathish, 22, on Wednesday for the murder of 46-year-old Gnanasoundari. Investigators said they had made two abortive attempts to kill her earlier. “Suresh was Dinesh's friend since his school days. They were always together and Dinesh spent money lavishly on Suresh," Dinesh's uncle V Vijayakumar said. “Even though the family was not happy with Dinesh being friends with Suresh and Sathish, she gave them food whenever they visited.”
An 18-year old BA-I student of MCM-DAV-36, Shalini, ends her life after hanged herself with a ceiling fan inside her house in sector 23 on Saturday. The exact reason behind the extreme step could not be ascertained, family members claimed Shalini was under depression as she was failed to clear her compartment in two exams. (Source: Times of India)

Turn to any newspaper paper or TV Channel randomly and you will find such kind of violence all over the country. Many of such cases also go unreported every day. Why as a society we are unable to reduce such events? Violence is increasing alarmingly inside the four walls we call home. Children of such houses go outside and do bigger crimes.

Why are we becoming so insensitive, intolerant and violent? Story is same, whether it is rural areas or the civilized urban/metro cities. Legacy of violence is being passed on from one generation to another. Let us together in our homes pray for the sufferers...

Dear God,

Please help each and everyone of us, all those people who have suffered, and especially those who are suffering in silence and are not known to us. Please watch and protect our souls, our bodies, our families. We pray to you, we shall never stop praying for all those who are suffering... For you to put your blessings on all the families, all homes is our constant prayer.

Oh God,
Please Bless us all.