NEWS: Dec’2012 - Feb’2013

21-year-old leaves gift of life for 34!
(Source: Times of India)

NEW DELHI: A family which lost a 21-year-old son to an accident has bravely put its grief behind and come forward to give the gift of life to others. At its own initiative, the family asked doctors to harvest the son's organs - a decision that will help at least 34 people. The donations were made possible by the Juneja family of east Delhi, whose only son, Anmol, suffered irreversible brain damage in a road accident on Friday. Anmol's heart valve, pancreas, cornea and at least 30 other organs have been preserved for transplant, said doctors at AIIMS Trauma Centre where the organ retrieval was conducted. Family came forward to donate all organs This is perhaps the first case where a family has approached the hospital to donate all organs," said Dr Misra , chief of the AIIMS trauma centre. The recipients, doctors said, are doing fine.
Be an Organ Donor,
Give your Heart to God!
23-year-old Henna Bakshi was booked for posting abusive comments on Chandigarh traffic police's Facebook page over the police' failure to track her stolen car. 19 year old Sunil Vishwakarma was detained by Palghar police for allegedly posting “Anti-Raj Thackeray” remarks on his Facebook page. West Bengal police arrested a Jadavpur University professor - Ambikesh Mahapatra for allegedly spreading “Anti-Mamata Banerjee" cartoons on the internet. Shaheen Dhada and Renu Srinivasan were arrested after Shaheen criticized the November 18 shutdown for Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray's funeral and Renu “liked" the Facebook post. (Source: Times of India)

May God Bless “Damini”, her family;
and all those who have suffered like her.