Bamboo trees are widely used in medicine and in construction of houses. It is a good income for many people and serves their livelihood. A bamboo tree has many medicinal properties. It is useful in the treatment of many health related problems. )

Bamboo is a very fast growing wood in the world. There are 1500 types of bamboo trees available in the world but 60 of them are widely used. Its botanical name is Bambusa Bambos. It can grow up to 12 meters of height and has a trunk that usually varies from 8 to 15 cm in diameter.

Most of the Indian plants were of scientific use and are also used for medicine purpose. These are usually named as Ayurveda. Bamboo is one such tree that is useful in Chinese as well as Indian Ayurveda medicine. It is indirectly a source of income for many people. Bamboo tree contains vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Whenever a person suffers from respiratory problems, take the juice of the shoots of bamboo tree and mix it with honey. Consume a tablespoon of this mixture on daily basis. Soon, you will find relief from respiratory problems. It also helps to clean our stomach by killing the worms inside it. Bamboo leaves play a vital role in the medical field, particularly in the stomach disorders. You can serve cooked bamboo leaves as an appetizer. Juice of bamboo leaves can cure ulcers.

In Assam, bamboo shoots are used to prepare food. They ferment the bamboo shoots with oil and turmeric powder and later cook with rice and potatoes. This is called as “Khorisa”. It is also used in soups and steamed tea. Whenever you choose a bamboo type, we need to be careful, as few types are more in toxic material which is not good for health. Meals prepared and eaten with bamboo are considered more nutritious and healthy. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products along with additional nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, and folate, make it more wholesome.

Most of the people in East Asia and South America use it for the construction of houses and to process fiber. In China, it is called as lucky bamboo because they feel it is lucky to have one and it is found in every household.

Some say, Golden bamboo lemur should not be consumed in the first month of pregnancy as it leads to abortion. But, if the same is consumed in the last month it reduces labor pain. When you consume bamboo shoots, there will be less loss of blood during delivery. Bamboo can be grown in any type of soil and it consumes less amount of water. It can withstand to any weather conditions. Bamboo trees are also used for clothing and are used to prepare rayon fabric products. Many bamboo shades of different size, texture and patterns are available.

Bamboo shoots are also used for flooring purpose. Other items that are prepared from bamboo are water-wheels, kitchen utensils, toys, boxes and baskets. These are the important benefits of bamboo which are helpful in our daily life.