Losing Job can be good!

It's difficult to put a positive spin to it but losing your job could become the best thing that has ever happened to you. While the pink slip at work might prick your self esteem and might give you sleepless nights, it is not the end of the road for you. While you might have put in the hours and toiled hard at your desk forever, the economic shambles that the world is in inevitably claims your job.

But here is some good news. It's time to put behind the past and move full steam ahead towards a future full of possibilities. The world out there is once again yours to claim. You might have lost your job, but you never lose your skill set. No HR in the world can undo you experience. Use your experience and move ahead on a road of your choice. You might come across the occasional hurdle, but let that not dampen your spirits. Here are a few pointers that might strengthen your resolve:

1) A Test of Character - You might have been asked to leave, but never take it personally. You are within your rights to know the reasons for your dismissal, but never pursue an aggressive course of action. Take it up as a challenge and move forward and excel.

2) A Cure for Burnout - Look at the brighter side of the fiasco. You now have all the time to yourself, take a break, spend quality time with your loved ones. Treat it as a Time Out in life, while it might pinch your pocket, indulge yourself, travel a little.

3) A Chance to Figure out Life - Here is your chance to figure out your priorities in life. Make a list of all that you wish to accomplish in life. Think about your options, weigh each of them out or sleep over it if you have to. Now is the time to make some serious choices in life.

4) A World of Possibilities Awaits - You dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid and that was just one of your million things you wanted to be. It is time to dream again, it is life giving you one last chance, so give your childhood aspirations one last shot.

5) Turn your Sob Story into your Success Story - Make your last day at work the first day of the rest of your life. Use the skill and experience you acquired over the years and start your own venture. Maybe you weren't ever destined to be an employee, maybe you were always meant for bigger things.