The best family car is based on the fuel consumption, mileage and the seating capacity. There are few points to be considered before you choose a car, such as: your budget, safety rating, mileage, rear seat room, boot space, storage and resale value.

A lot of research has to be done before you go to the showroom to buy a car. It is important to take a test drive before you pay the bill. Most of the companies give a test drive for free. Top ten family cars are Maruti Suzuki Omni, Chevrolet Travera, Maruti Suzuki Versa, Honda CR-V, Toyota Innova, Tata Indigo, Mahindra Scorpio, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Tata Sumo Grande, and Hyundai Santro. Whenever you choose a car, always negotiate about the price.

Car can be used by any common man who wishes to live a comfortable life. Most of the cars come with the features that are loved by children like dark colored interiors and UV-filtering. Sliding seats is an extra feature that makes the car owner work much easier. However, considering the traffic jams that we have in Delhi, a person might say, “the car was invented as a convenient place to sit out traffic jams!”.

If you go on a bike, you need to bear all the pollution that is present and it indirectly affects our health. But, the car will save our health to some extent. Most of the cars come with built in music system, TV and air conditioning. These can be operated with the help of a remote. Sounds perfect, right? Whenever you buy a car, check the reviews on it, take suggestions from your relatives and friends and then proceed further.

The step should not be taken blindly as you need to invest a lot of money. There is no use if you regret at a later point of time. When it comes to negotiations, reduce it to as less as possible, because it is the money that you are going to spend from your pocket. Comparison helps you to take a wise decision. If your budget is low you can opt for Omni. It also comes with a factory fit CNG kit.

It further reduces your cost on fuel. But the safety level of an Omni is low. As it's a light car, in case of an accident it directly hits the passengers. If you are too much concern about your safety, you can opt for another car at a slightly higher price. If your family is small, Alto will be an ideal car for you. By installing a separate CNG kit, you can save on your fuel. But it will bring an end to all types of warranty/Guarantee given by the manufacturer. Moreover, you will have to be prepared to stand in a long queue in CNG pump for filling fuel.

Tata Sumo or Mahindra Jeeps are good for rural roads. As it runs on diesel, it is comparatively economical than a petrol car. The motor experts say that the Tata cars are the best for Indian roads. If you agree with them, you can experience the comfort & convenience of Indigo. The eCS model of Indigo also has superb mileage. If you don't mind paying some extra bucks, you can decide to buy a Swift Dzire, Innova or a Scorpio. An Innova or Scorpio will not only give you the comfort, but also a status.

Whenever you choose any brand, check out the pros and cons of it. Take a wise decision according to your family need to serve the purpose.