Father comes back from office, sees his family glued to the television set. He wonders what they all are upto.

Father: Hi everybody! What are you so interested in? Why has everyone surrounded the TV?

Brother: (excited) dad, daduji has added his name in a lottery and the results are going to be announced soon. So we all are looking forward to it.

Father: Lottery? What? Why? Dad what's wrong with you, when did you develop this interest?

Grandfather: Ha ha! this is my post retirement time pass. I enjoy trying on my luck.

Grandmother:(Angry) I am so irritated with his new habit. I don't know from where does he gets such ideas. I am sure his friends must have guided him.

Mother: Relax mom, It’s OK!. He has not put in a big amount. It's merely 1000 bucks.

Grandmother: Everyone starts with a small amount only. Lottery is like a drug, you get addict to spending a ridiculous amount of money on the tickets and then they end up losing.

Mother: Paa, I feel mum is right. You should not get into this any further.

Father: Absolutely right because you might end up spending all your money on tickets to get back what all you have lost.

Brother: OMG! Why is everybody going against dadu? Lottery is fun; there is roller coaster thrill in it!!

Grandfather: Ya! And an easy source of income.
Father: Nothing is easy dad. And do you think you will be able to bear the transitions of either winning or losing?

Grandmother: Huh! Mere kol naaana har gaye te.

Grandfather: Ha ha! I won't come to you. Moreover lottery is such a small gambling. Even you invest in the stock market Rajesh. You don't consider it wrong. Don't you?

Father: I agree that it is a form of gambling but that's more planned. We don't only rely on our luck but study the stocks and the market. There is a lot of effort to it.

Mother: I agree Paa. Being an ‘Investment Banker’ is not easy. You have to be very qualified to be a good one.

Grandmother: Yes, instead you should take that amount and add it to your savings account; your life will instantly become better. Save that money instead of wasting money in hopes of getting that future sooner.

Grandfather: Agreed that it is different from the stock market but let me tell you, lotteries are different from any other gaming product. Lottery players risk a small amount of money against very long odds to win a large prize.

Brother: Oh that means, lottery isn't a bad idea.

Mother: Shut up Jay! You don't get into this. Easy money is not good money.

Father: Lottery is of no good. You think you would be profited? You place small bets on the hopes of hitting it big, No! You give a higher amount to the government back through the taxes you pay.

Mother: I think that's a great idea, Paa!

Father: Paa, it is the governments who make money off the people who play the lottery. It is a system designed to trick people into giving away a percentage of their hard earned money.

Grandfather: Do you understand our point darling! Make sure your hard earned money is going towards things that actually improve your life, and not simply a fantasy of millions.

Mother: Yes, easy money would make a person more irresponsible and make him commit sins.

Grandmother: You are right; it is often taking advantage of poor people who think they can gain instant wealth.

Father: And it is also not easy to deal with the loss emotionally.

Brother: Daduji! The results are out. But they don't match to your ticket number. Your luck didn't work this time. (Sad)

Grandmother: Shukar hai! Now don't go and buy another ticket.

Grandfather: ok ok! I get it. I won't buy another lottery ticket. You all succeed in convincing me. Instead I'll find another time pass. (Wink)