Mummy is in the car, coming back from the market. On the phone, tensed….

Mother: Did Jimmy (her son) reach home?

Grandma: No not yet! But why are you sounding so worried?

Mother: Mom, Jimmy had to come back home with his friend and I just got a call a while ago, his friend is saying that he can't find him anywhere in school. I have asked him to wait for him but I am confused where did he go?

Grandma: Relax my dear... He must have gone to the canteen or would be somewhere around. His friend would find him soon.

Mother: Hopefully (irritated)… “Vaise why aren't cell-phones permitted in school? If he had a cellphone I would have called him and asked about his whereabouts. (beep beep) oho oo mum wait a sec I am getting a call waiting from his friend's number, I will call you back.

Uh-hello! Hi Rahul (Jimmy's friend) did you find Jimmy?

Rahul: Yes Auntie, I called to inform you. He is fine and we are coming back home.

Mother :(sighs) Oh so where was he?

Rahul: In the canteen, Auntie ji.

Mother: Oh My God! This guy... Alright thanks Rahul see you soon. Bye!

Mummy and Jimmy reach home... At lunch, family sits together and discusses what happened earlier today…

Mother: I feel cell-phones should be allowed in school at least we as parents can be informed.

Brother: Yayyy!!! (thrilled) So, will I be getting a cell phone mom? But mom please don't buy me a basic phone, I want a smart phone - as smart as me! (Winks)

Sister: Oh shut up Jimmy. Grow up. We are not going to give you the cell phone to show off. It would be for us and not for you to use it as status symbol. So that we know where you are the next time we find you eating in the canteen, fatty.

Brother: MOM!!!! (Cranky) ... Please ask your daughter to mind her own business. You would buy me a smart phone na?! Say Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mother: Keep quiet both of you. Mom you tell me don't you think cell phones are important?

Grandma: Cell phones are important for parents as they are worried and concerned for the safety and security of their children... But there are 2 sides of a coin.

Sister: You are right Grandma! Because cell phones can be used for cheating in examination.

Brother: I am not a cheater ok! Mom I won't cheat I promise. Please buy me a cell phone. I can use it outside the school premises. Wow I would put new games in it and will brag with my friends.

Sister: You are supposed to be learning when you are in school, not to play games, music and make funny noises. Understood fatty!!

Mother: I feel that being a parent I should always be able to get in touch with my children with regard to their general well-being, instead of merely drowning in anxiety.

Brother: And cell phones prove to be the best source for them. Yayy I will get a cell phone!!

Grandma: Yes I agree that students can call for help if they were stuck in any emergency situation especially the girl students. Some decades ago, in our times who had ever imagined that we could contact a person while walking on the road, shopping in the market, doing exercise in a gym, traveling in a bus, car, train etc. With the help of cell phones it has become possible now but I’m not too sure about its benefits at school...

Sister: Cell phones can be used to see calendar or set a reminder and mom these days smart phones have internet, we can get online and find the information that we need. So cool! Isn’t it?

Mother: Ya and the best part is that parents can be notified if their child wants to stay or needs to be picked up from school while extra classes

Brother: MOM even you can text me important information. I would surely reply you back. You know I am so smart and I will get a smart phone.

Grandma: Don't you think it would be a big distraction for the students? I mean it's rude to use phone in front of your teacher. If you would engage yourself in texting then when will you study? And not just you, it will be a distraction for all students!

Sister: hmm... I think you’re right Daadi and moreover kids can use it to cyber bully each other, it is so common these days, dirty pictures, MMS, loss of privacy. I agree that it's a huge distraction to kids in school because if you're texting, you're not learning...

Also, MP3 Players, texting, games etc. will let them escape into their fantasy world and ignore teachers.

Grandma: And this would lead to the spread of rumors and misinformation, which can be harmful during a widespread crisis and lead to a bad name.

Mother: Yaa.. The other day I read in the newspaper that usage of cell phones not only spoils children morally and psychologically but also regular usage of cell phones may affect sense of hearing.

Brother: Hearing? No! I don't want to be deaf. Is it true? You become deaf if you use cell phones?

Everyone, giggles...

Mother: Such stupid chatting has spoiled the children. Students get so much habitual of writing in short forms that sometimes they are not able to write a correct spelling on paper.

Sister: And... In case they lose the cell phone, then the school has to look for it and make a big hassle.

Brother: Haww! Does that mean, I have a risk of losing my smart phone?

Sister: Yes and Master Jimmy you are not smart enough to take care of the smart phone.

Grandma: After listening to all of this I feel class rooms are meant for study. There is no logic for allowing phones in classrooms and Remanika you can call the school office if you want to talk to Jimmy.

Brother: Oh (sad) Am I getting my smart phone or not?
Mother: Not Now!!!
Everyone laughs out loud…