Breakfast time, father is busy reading the newspaper

Father: (Throws the newspaper on the table) Damn! Dad did you read the News? So many cricketers and rich hot shots are caught in spot-fixing? There is corruption in sports also. Covetousness for money is breaking so many hearts. Is money everything now? No place for sportsmanship, values or ethics?

Grandfather: What to say... I don't understand why did they do such a thing? The cricketers are highly paid. They have everything from fame to money. People love them and still they do such malice?

Mother: Seriously! These cricketers should not be spared.

Grandmother: They are not even grateful to what they have and they indulge in all this nonsense for ‘Easy Money’.

Mother: I am worried, how will children react to such things? So, Sunny... what do you think about this, beta?

Sunny (Brother): I won't enjoy the game if I know it's fixed.

Riya (Sister): You know few of my classmates who are from a very rich family, they look down upon us. They feel they are superior to all. Mad rush for money eh....

Father: Oh No... that's not right! Should I speak to your class teacher about this?

Riya: No! Dad don't do this please. Its alright, nothing to worry... Besides. I have to maintain good relations with all students...

Mother: Riya, You have to stand for the right!

Grandmother: Hai bhagwan! Ki hogya he aaj kal te bachya nu?

Grandfather: Where are our children heading to? Money comparison among small children also?

Riya: So what daadu? Isn't dad also working for money? Don't you want me to get married to a well-to-do man? Don't you want Sunny to grow up and become a successful man with all the money and comforts of life?

Mother: What are you saying Riya? Money is not everything my child. Yes we do want money for a comfortable living but at most of the occasions money becomes the worst enemy of a person tending to spoil relations, even with the best friend and family members. There is a lot in life too apart from that.

Grandmother (Concerned): Riya putter, Kitho sikh ke aai hain ae galaan tu?

Sunny: Ha ha! School toh daadi!

Grandfather: Riya, Money is not the most important thing. What is the use of such money when you can't sit with your family and eat together? “Money can buy a house but not home!” How would you face your family if you got money from some illegal source?

Sunny: But Rich people seem to enjoy life to its fullest!

Father: Children! A desire to earn money is nothing to be ashamed of but you must earn it from the right source with right means without compromising on your values and morals.

Grandfather: Never compromise on your health or values for money. Money brings you food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; acquaintances, but not friends.

Riya: True Daadu.. but what I see in my school is that if you are rich, many people want to be your friend.

Sunny: Yeah! The man who has money makes the rules and I don't feel there would be peace at home if a man cannot satisfy the needs of his children.

Mother: People might be attracted towards your wealth but a true friend is the person who stands by you when you have nothing. Security is the most important thing and it can only be given by a person who really loves you not the person of extreme wealth.

Grandmother: I have seen your father running after money at his early stage of earning. He had started neglecting his family, I have seen this so I know that with the race for money a person forgets about work-life balance

Father: (Giggles and hugs his mother from behind): “C'mon mom I was so young at that time”.

Grandfather: Money and glamour attracts you but “All that glitters is not gold!”. Money is required for a good life but we should keep a check on our greed. Money should be made in an ethical manner only to fulfill the essential needs. We must follow a spiritual path rather than being a part of this mad rush.

Grandmother: Money can't buy blessings or peace of mind. It just makes you more materialistic.

Mother: Money is the root cause of corruption, now you see the state of these cricketers. They are suspended from the team and everyone hates them for their disgraceful act. Despite earning so much their greed took upon them and they took such a heinous step.

Sunny: Yaaa, you are right, Mom! The main idea is to be content, to be satisfied with what we have and be happy to spread happiness.

Riya: I too understand your point Mom! After listening to all of you I could make out that Money is just a magnifying glass, if you are good it will make you better and if you are bad it will make you worse... I won't get attracted to the glitters and will also encourage my friends to follow the right path!

### End of Discussion.