When was the last time that the whole family sat down together for a meal? In a world where dinner conversation has been replaced by the noisy hum of TV, the walls of silence now part the members of family.

With conflicting work schedules and impromptu eating habits, society has swapped family dinner for prime time television. TV has now become the latest member on the family dinner table and TV now does all the talking. A recent research showed the various positive benefits of dinner together on young minds. Here are 8 reasons why a family sit down for a meal is healthy:

Reason #1: Lessons of etiquette - A family meal sets the perfect stage to educate your children on a variety of subject like appropriate table manners, meal etiquette and helps enhance their social skills. It provides a positive loving environment where a parent can lead by example.

Reason # 2: Help them enjoy new experiences - Food is the first gateway to a larger world. Make sure that you kid loves to try out new cuisines and dishes at family meals where they get exposed to newer experiences. While it might occasional try your patience it's a healthy exercise.

Reason #3: Attune Children to Home food - Children often develop a sweet tooth for junk food at restaurants. Regular fun and exciting meals at home can help wean them away from the neighbourhood fast food outlets. Also reinforce the idea that meals home are more nutritious and healthy.

Reason #4: Become Self-Sufficient - You could also use family meals as a hand on training experience for your kids. It is always fun to involve the family while grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking.

Reason #5: Communication Galore - Dinner time conversations are excellent bonding exercises that helps various members connect with each other and share experiences and ideas with family. A family meal with warmth and love cements our relationships.

Reason #6: Higher Grades at Work - Some believe that children who have regular family meals also tend to have better grades at school. When parents are actively involved with kids over a meal, it gives kids new ideas and aids their mental growth.

Reason #7: Negates Bad Eating Habits- When meals are scheduled with your kids, it also helps break negative routines that parents might have adapted too e.g. – Smoking or drinking after meals. As parents avoid either of these habits around kids, a family dinner inhibits such negative actions.

Reason # 8: Save Money - At the end of the day a meal at home any time cuts down the monthly budget. Where a meal for four could cost anything from five hundred to thousands of rupees, you can get a more nutritious dinner costs virtually for nothing at home.

Bring back the sweet memories of old, start a healthy new habit. Have family meals with your kids and add more moments to cherish in your life.