The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Osho Rajneesh

Children, as a rule, take a mother's love for granted and are focused on their own needs all the time, all the way. Sometimes unknowingly we cause heartbreak and they break into tears. Maybe when we are mature enough to actually see with an inner vision, will they be able to realize it and do something to bring a smile to their mother's face.

She is something absolutely new the moment her child is born and stays with her child forever even as he grows old and has children of his own, her thoughts reaching out wherever he may be. Right from that moment her whole life revolves around her child, its welfare, its happiness and its growth. Love has many forms and some forms of love pass with time. However, a mother's love is eternal. If anyone has realized it and is enlightened enough to come out of his selfish shell to know, he will make some efforts to reciprocate.

A mother unquestioningly and unhesitatingly sacrifices her joys, her happiness, her wants and her entire life to that of her child. Her child is her lifelong passion.

Your mom may be a house-wife or a school teacher or a working women. But there are handful of steps with which almost anyone can make any mom happy - regardless of whose, or what kind of, mom she is:

1. Birthday Cards.

2. Write a poem.

3. Go shopping with your mummy.

4. Buy gifts for your mummy.

5. Pay Attention, listen her the first time.

6. Share the house work with her without being asked or reminded.

7. Give her a real day off from laundry, mail, groceries and dinner.

8. Be nice, have a good attitude with her.

9. Take her out.

10. Talk with her.

11. Give her a Hug/Kiss.