Count your Blessings: Life could be much worse. Count your blessings you are alive: you could be dead and not be able to see, hear, eat and feel.

Take a moment off to look at your life from a different perspective. Are you really unhappy? Do you really have cause to complain? Do you really find it justified to blame the world and others for your situation? Review the day, the week and the month. Has it been so bad after all? Did not someone smile at you, do you a favor? Savor the moment and the joy.

Take a look at the dog in the street, at the homeless and those without a family or without a job, living a life of struggle from one moment to the next. They all have to struggle for the basic things like food, safety and security. Love and warmth for them are so distant when pressured by the basics. Feel content you are much better off.

You may not be a millionaire but you have all these and are rich. There's a quote about a man who complained about having to wear shoes every day until he saw a man who had no feet. Things like these make us realize our blessings and to stop grousing. Health and to be whole in body is a blessing. Cherish it, treasure it, value it and make the most of it, not only for yourself but also a little bit for others who do are not so fortunate.

If you grumble about things you see everyday, at the pollution, traffic and everything else that you see be glad that you can see at all. Instead, look for a tiny flower that blooms among the rocks on a hot summer day and count your blessing that you can see such a wondrously inspiring sight.

If your ears are besieged by noise, count your blessings that you can hear. For a few moments listen to marvelous music and let your soul be drenched with the divine sounds and be glad you can hear. It is a blessing the deaf do not have.

If you feel people are overly critical of you and you are constantly hassled, think of it in a positive way. It is a way to improve by seeing things about yourself the way others do. Count your blessings that people care to notice you are alive and point out your defects so you can change and improve.

People often mention olden times and say how stressful today's life is. Well, those in the olden times did not have electricity, piped water and all the gizmos that make life so easy. It was a hard life and what we have today is a million times better. Appreciate today's situation and count your blessings you have instruments, cars and appliances that make your life so easy. Count your blessings you are alive for the dead cannot hear, see, feel.

Count your blessings by the flowers
along life's pathway,
never by the leaves of sorrow,
that fall by the wayside.
Count your days and golden hours
by the joys and happiness
you've brought to others.
Don't remember the clouds
of frustrations that have beset
your pathway of sorrow,
always remember to look for
the sunshine of tomorrow.
Count your blessings of the flowers of life,
by the smiles, laughter, joys and happiness,
you have caused others to have.
Count your declining days of life
with smiles not tears,
and the joy and happiness
of every birthday,
by the many friends
you've made through life.
When your life's outlook seems depressing,
and the ray of hope seems dim,
just stop and pray awhile to Him.
Ask God to help you more,
to guide you along life's pathway,
and help you do what's right,
nothing's impossible for Him.
Life's prospects may
not seem very pleasant,
criticism is rampant
in everything we do.
You should stop right
there and consider,
maybe there's worse things yet to come,
or perhaps the reasons can't

- Mystic Dave