When was the last time you witnessed sunrise or you woke up early to feel the soft breeze apart from that when did you love the rain and the aroma of wet mud? If you have not experienced this lately, then I am sure you must be cursing the traffic and criticizing the government for ignoring the damage caused by rain.

Without a doubt, you are among those people who are burning their midnight oil and are the part of a terrible rush of becoming perfect, rich and getting everything they desire. Don't you think earning the desired livelihood has left a few things behind? Coming back late from work missed the opportunity to see the excitement of your child when he got good grades and due to work load and pressure you misbehaved with your wife who was longing for you to come back home and dine together.

Think again, are you leading a quality life? In the race of earning money you might have neglected certain relationship. Yes I agree! Whatever you are doing, you are doing for your family. May be you have to buy a new luxury car, but what's the fun of driving a Mercedes if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions. It is not too late, you must spend time with your family, share what's going on in your life. They might not have a solution to your problem but would surely not let you face them alone.

• Be optimistic. There are two sides of each coin. Why not look at the brighter side of a situation?
• Self realization is best realization. Take out time to think about yourself and your shortcomings. I am sure you would find a way out.
Respect your relationships don't let anybody else's anger hurt your dear one's feelings because you would only enjoy the good things if there is harmony around you

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere.
Live for the moment, capture each instance in your memory and enjoy it.
Don't forget to be grateful for the things you have in your life because you might not have it later.
Have patience. God will surely let your hard work pay; he is planning something wonderful for you.
Healthy body has a healthy mind. Go for a walk and keep yourself fit.
Ensure your health, relationships, mental peace are in good order.
Don't sit like couch potato and get glued to the television set, go for an outing and hang out with friends.
Listen to music which soothes your soul and pep up your mood.
You live once so think twice.
Be in a company of positive people as its rightly said “Company Matters”.
Never neglect your parents; it is because of them you are what you are.
Have a pet at home, it is indeed the perfect stress buster.
Dance in the rain. Live out loud.
Most importantly don't forget to smile and hug your loved ones, physical contact can actually comfort you.

P.S.: Your success won't be credited if you don't have anybody to share your ecstasy and excitement with.