Personal Evangelism at a family level influences and inspires family members. A family thus inspired in turn inspires and influences society, becoming the agent of change. Much as an individual depends on society, society too needs individuals to set examples and trends. Personal evangelism with the right set of values leads by example.

Evangelism is often equated with Christianity or religion and the act of spreading religion, pointing to Christ as an example. Viewed within narrow definitions, evangelists are exhorted to go out and spread the word of God. However, look at Christ from another perspective: he simply went about and spread love, showered love and affection, fed the hungry, cared for the downtrodden, the ill and those in misery. He did not ask for anything in return. He led by example.

If at all one wants to do some personal evangelism, one could draw inspiration from the acts of Christ as it related to showing care and concern for fellow human beings, not as a vehicle for propounding religion, personal beliefs or dogma. Evangelism starts at a personal level, in one's own grass roots. If you can look within yourself, weed out those qualities not considered “human” or “civilized” or “negative”, you have taken a step towards becoming an evangelist. Cultivate the positive attributes like showing humanity, care, courage, concern and unconditional giving and you approach divinity. It is said of Yudhishtira that he was the embodiment of truth and righteousness and remains a shining example to others. It is said his feet never touched the ground because of these divine attributes.

Personal evangelism can begin at home, in the family. You do not have to give sermons, preach or work miracles. Simple acts are sooner or later recognized for what they are and quietly appreciated.

Your acts and deeds inspire people to change themselves and to emulate you. This is personal evangelism at work. Start in the family.

It is like planting seeds of a flower, watching the seedlings grow and one day there are flowers smiling at you. These are the fruits of personal evangelism. Personal evangelism has no room for hypocrisy. You will know it when you live the qualities of love, wisdom, sharing, and concern as the cornerstones of your life's philosophies. Not everyone may set out and become a personal evangelist with a view to change society or transform people. If one can be a personal evangelist at home, he creates a nucleus of all that represents good qualities since family members are the first to accept and then adapt. Families are the nucleus of society and a change can gradually come about. Today people rant and rave about how selfish and uncaring we have become, given over to personal needs while callously ignoring society's not so fortunate. A personal evangelist leads the way at the family level and the family leads the way within society.