1. Train tracks, busy streets, airplane flight paths, etc produce negative energy to enter your home. You can place trees, hanging plants, shrubbery, etc to slow down this negative energy. Also, you can use a weathervane or water in the entrance of the home.

2. Place a mirror at the entrance of home to avoid negative energy. Get rid of any dried flowers in your home.

3. Add furnishings to living room. As the living room is the most important area of your home, you should include positive influences with soft cushions, plants, and a fish tank, if possible.

4. Don't face mirrors towards bed. It will cause you a disturbed sleep.

5. Round dining tables are best for dining because the circle represents heavenly blessings. Keep the dining room chairs an even number.

6. Keep the kitchen balanced neat and clean with general happiness. In Feng Shui food symbolizes wealth.

7. Keep a laughing Buddha on a mantle or shelf facing directly the front door. Laughing buddha activates positive energy.

8. Keep brooms and mops out of sight; preferably upside down. This keeps intruders out and prevent from the family's livelihood from being swept away.

9. Keep a bowl of fresh salt in the toilets. Toilets are considered as source of negative energy. Keeping a bowl of unrefined salt on the window sill of the toilet will absorb the negative energy. Replace the wet salt with fresh dry salt when required.

Article contributed by:
Gomtesh Jain and Tintisha Kumar