Having a baby is the most crowning accomplishment of a lifetime. A feeling beyond words, it's like the a heartfelt feeling that reaches all the way to your soul and takes your breath away. Delhi based Bhatia family experienced twofold joy with the birth of twins. How is it to be parents of twins? Is it a much bigger responsibility than having a single child? Let us go through their journey in detail...

16th august 2010, Mrs. Eshita Bhatia gave birth to two innocent, wide-eyed, angelic boys ‘Aadit’ and ‘Aarav'. Everybody was blown away with that first look on those cute little baby faces and they couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with love for them. Babies are a unique bundle of joy, having two, doubles that excitement and ecstasy.

This was the scene at the Bhatia House; they didn't want to miss even a minute of watching those little Tikes grow up. Aadit and Aarav- super cute, over-pampered kids of the house; the apples of their kin's eyes!

And so here we are to talk about how a baby can change one's life.. Like all parents, Eshita and Saurabh love to expatiate everything related to their lives as parents.

The experience of having a baby is indescribable! That feeling of life taking form inside you, the physical and emotional changes, and the anticipation of bringing forth a new soul is wonderful. The most memorable moment for Eshita was when she held her babies in her arms for the first time, holding them close to her chest was a feeling she will never forget. The happiness she felt at that moment, that pure love, she couldn't help but let a few tears escape.., those were but, tears of joy! As if she had found the true reason of her existence when she became a Mother.

Little angels ‘Aadit’ and ‘Aarav’ are slightly inclined towards the males of the family. Whenever their dad, Mr. Saurabh Bhatia comes back home from work, their happiness has no limit! They're all over him; one by one he gathers them in his arms and raises them high above the ground as they squeal in delight. Both the children don't want anybody's intervention.

In fact, even if Mr. Bhatia has a tough day at work and comes back distressed, Aadit and Aarav never fail to uplift his hopes and mend them like new with their magical love and affection. He is longing to take them on a bike ride as soon as they grow up.

So their dad is a super hero for them, but then what would we call a super hero's dad? And here's the answer to that: Grandfather P.C. Bhatia. Aadit and Aarav love to play with their grandpa! In turn, he just can't lock them out of his heart and mind!

Mr. P.C. Bhatia, popularly addressed as “Bade Papa” is the most jovial person in the family who keeps on saying funny one- liners and makes everybody laugh. He immensely loves the twins and feels they don't grow under his heart, but in it...

The Bhatia family likes to watch hilarious movies while the kids enjoy watching their Disney CD's on their home theatre.

Their favourite characters are tigger and pooh, mickey mouse and Minnie mouse, Donald and daisy duck along with Pluto and goofy. They also revel watching interactive learning CD's and get really elated while looking at the alphabets on the screen as their mum n dad have started telling them about it. Now they can easily recognize few animals, alphabets and their corresponding objects. We discovered that the whole family is very soft spoken, there's no member other than the kids who are the loudest. But, their loud voices are something that doesn't hurt but is actually music to the ears. The mutual understanding between the members, the love, and the care that they shower upon each other keeps them together. The first holiday with the kids was at Chamba on their first birthday, it was a really refreshing and a rejuvenating holiday for the kids and the parents. In a typical Indian family, it's somewhat a tradition may be to figure who the new borns resemble. So, Master Aadit resembles his mom and beloved grandpa and Master Aarav is a replica of his dad; a wonderful play of genes!

As we enter the children's room, we see their pictures hanging from the wall. It's overwhelming to see the gorgeous baby's pictures in each and every stage they have lived by now. We also find professional photographs which are a part of their very special memory when they got a photo shoot done by a dear friend Aviral, he is a renowned commercial photographer. It was a real new thing and an exciting one. Mrs Madhu Bhatia, the grandma, is the disciplinarian of the house. She is the nucleus of the family, keeping them up to mark and making sure the kids always remember their manners no matter what. After a tiring day of running after them and guiding them, she still doesn't forget her favorite duty- kissing them good night even if they are already asleep.There are times when they get a little cranky but it's just when they are feeling giddy or really hungry.

A new baby brings untold joys in the life of each and every person attached to them. All of them love to observe each and every minor or major change in their kids' lives. Especially the parents, how they love to observe their children's lips, how they curve when they smile; how they wrinkle their nose when they don't like something or are disappointed; how their eyelashes flutter and meet every few seconds. It is hard being a parent isn't it? They have a ball while taking bath and as soon as they know it's time they start making noises and their actions are such that you fall for them and you have to take them to the bathroom. They enjoy playing with water and so they can sit in water for hours. You actually have to drag them out from there.

They have also started watering the plants even though they water themselves more than them. We can call them adorable water babies. How cute! Isn't it? Everybody in the family loves their activities and has a new topic to discuss every day. We often find them gaping while watching the kids do new stuff. They both can't live without each other and it is so evident that when one of them is done with his slumber, he has to wake the other one as well. That is because they love playing, fighting and then kissing and hugging with each other.

Their home away from home, the place they love to visit is their 'Nani-House'. The beloved sweethearts Aadit and Aarav are a joy in abundance for their maternal grandfather Mr Vinod Punj and his wife Mrs. Poonam Punj. They both are the well spring of pleasure, with Nani (Grandma Punj), they know they can get away with all sorts of mischief. Adding to their fan-club list is Ms Shweta Punj, their sweet masi who can do anything to keep them happy for they are the light of her life! She calls them her 'Jaan' (soul) and truly justifies her role of being a Masi which literally means ‘like a mother'. The family longs for them to come over. For them seeing them grow is like a festival in itself. Listening to the pitter-patter of their feet, looking at each effort when they try to portray their feelings is a dream come true. They smile when the kids laugh, sob when they are sad. Everything about the twins makes them happy and it's like butterflies in their stomach when the kids are around. Most of all, embracing those two children is the most rewarding experience for their families.

But of course there are vicissitudes in everyone's lives. Their good times halted for a while when Aarav had to undergo a cataract surgery. It wasn't a trivial issue that could be pushed to the back burner. So they decided to get him operated at his minor age. Aarav was admitted, the family had to be with him and Aadit sans his family was handed over to Shweta. Poor baby Aadit couldn't bear that vacuum both the children had to undergo. It was indeed a difficult phase, for everyone. Aadit became very cranky and insecure; he wouldn't leave Shweta for a single moment. He might've been thinking that even she would leave him. Everybody had Nervousness pangs and wished for Aarav's well being. And with God's grace he is fine now.

Aadit and Aarav both love eating fruits, so much so that their first word was ‘Aam' - mango. And as the season changed their favorite fruit changed to apples. The family has started teaching them to speak and they repeat each word slowly, breaking down all the syllables for the babies as they struggle to say them. They have a whale of a time at the nearby park and love to socialize and play with other kids. It's a delight to see them run on their podgy little legs, tumbling one after the other like the wheels of a tricycle. Whenever they meet new people they instantly strike up a conversation and even show great aplomb while dealing with them. That is because nobody can stay without talking to them. People love them because they are so affectionate and lively that makes everybody put up a smile on their face.

The whole family misses them when they are not around and can't imagine their life sans the two cutest and the sweetest devils of the home..

A baby has a special way of adding happiness to each day in one's life. It is bliss; it feels so wonderful. Love begets love, give the children love and you would get a bundle of joy in return. We wish them the all love, happiness and a very successful future ahead.

God bless!