YES (+10)


1 At least one day in a week, all family members sit together and discuss family matters, individuals, events, thoughts and new ideas?
2 Do you have a collection of books at home? Such as books on self improvement, national/international leaders, autobiographies, some books on God and religious etc
3 Do you have a place of worship in your house?
4 Has your family subscribed to any monthly magazine/news papers? Give your family +5 bonus/genius points if you have subscription of “God Bless Our Home” Magazine.
5 Do every guest/visitor leaves with a smile from your house? Are all visitors/guests well treated?
6 Do you have healthy relationships with all of your neighbors?
7 Does everyone in family respects value of money? Do you make efforts to save it for future?
8 Does everyone in family respects value of money? Do you make efforts to save it for future?
9 Do all family members above 16 years know the art of letter writing?
10 Does your family supports learning languages? Do you know any language other than English and Hindi?
11 Is the habit of giving, donations, gifts, charity well cultivated in family?
12 Is it true that in your house, first guests and elders eat and only then younger people eat?
13 Do you believe cleanliness is next to godliness? Are all rooms of your house neat, clean and orderly?
14 Do children in your family know most of their relatives by their relations as well as by their name?
15 Does your family publishes invitation cards in mother tongue?
16 Do you have a well decorated, neatly kept interiors as well as exterior of house.
17 Is the house kitchen well kept, neat and tidy?
18 Nobody in the family watches television while eating?
19 Atleast one member of house fasts 1 day in a month
20 Has anyone in family visited an art exhibition or a music concert or a dance programme in last 3 months?
21 Everyone in family, at least once a week, eats green leafy vegetables?
22 Do children play more than 1 outdoor game?
23 No one in house bite nails or smokes or drinks alcohol?
24 Nobody in the house passes gas loudly?
25 You do not feel afraid when someone falls ill and in fact are strongly there to take care of him/her?
26 Once a year, someone in family donates blood?
27 Has anyone in your family taken pledge for eye donation?
28 Nobody in your family drives very fast?
29 Do your grandparents live with you?
30 Does the Grandson / Granddaughter copies Grandfather / Grandmother?
31 Children know birthdays and anniversaries of most of the elders?
32 Nobody in the family uses abusive words? And nobody in family fights or discusses problem in front of children?
33 Do you have a pet at home? Fishes/Dog/Birds/Cat etc
34 Some one in your family says “Bless you", when some one sneezes.
35 Do you have a family name plate outside your home or have you named your house?

Quiz Results: if you scored <70, your family needs to spend more time together. If you scored 70 - 140 you are good family. If you scored 140-319 you are very noble family. If you scored >320 please contact us via email and we will publish your family photograph in our magazine. You can write to the Editor along with your photograph at:

Quiz Developed from: Parivaar Prabodhan, Suruchi Prakashan, New Delhi