Were your mom and dad mean to you?
Is there any advantage undue?

Is the food served by your mom different from the other kids?
Vegetables as solids and milk in liquids

My mom doesn't let me open my hair in school
Being simple and decent is her most important rule

While others attended parties, you were made to study
Telling that this will make your future more steady

Were your mom and dad so mean that they didn't allow you to hang out at night?
They say it isn't safe but I don't consider it alright

My mother rushed to me when she saw me bruised
Oh god tell them that I can take care of myself, c'mon its not being rude

My parents are so mean that they don't allow me to talk to any stranger
Anyone please guide them, we should explore new people alas they are the reason for my anger

While everyone else could date when they were 14 or 15, we had to wait until we were 18.
We might be a little immature but we aint a dating machine

I'm bloody 10 yrs old and mom is so mean not to allow me to put make-up
I hope this won't be the reason of my break up

Every time they explain us about managing time
Doing everything in the given span is not less than a crime

Keep your things at the right place, is what they chant
Please explain them; we are not made for all of this.
We can't
Are we convicts in a prison?
Girls should wear decent clothes when they go out
“If you have it flaunt it” this trend is in, please clear their doubt

My father was mean enough to know where we were at all times.
We are grown ups and left the nursery rhymes

Girls should wear decent clothes when they go out
“If you have it flaunt it” this trend is in, please clear their doubt

Giving them all the details is just like an impossible mission

My dad keeps an enquiry of my each and every friend
How can I disclose as what I was doing with them? I just don't like to bend

They insisted that if we said we would be gone for an hour, we would be gone for an hour or less
Oh god! It feels so suffocated. When will I get out of this mess?

Parents always stand against child labour but where does this law go when we had to wash the dishes, make the beds, learn to cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry, and all sorts of cruel jobs.
We want to get out of here, please help us open the door knobs

“Honesty is the best policy”. They always insisted on us telling the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
C'mon dude we are today's youth.

I don't understand this lame rule of my parents, when they ask my friends to meet them whenever they at our place.
God! When will my life be at a steady pace?

Respect the elders, they always edified
Who wants to listen to them? We just move aside

It is because of our mother and father; we missed out on
lots of things other kids experienced, like none of us have ever been
caught shoplifting, vandalizing other's property or ever
arrested for any crime.
It was their entire fault. We never got drunk, took up
smoking, stayed out all night at the end of time

Our parents want us to be godly and engage in all sorts of prayers.
They are making each and every effort to make us like them, wow such amazing players!

In conclusion, our parents are very mean. They defend themselves by saying that all of this is good for us. Huh! Who knows, we shall believe it when we experience it.