This quiz attempts to help you know each other better and discover about your own self. An interesting family activity to engage during the evening tea or at dinner time to stimulate your mind and your funny bone. This quiz can also be fun when you are traveling.


YES (+10)


1 Does your family believes, it is better to give a little ground and protect the peace than to stand firm and provoke a fight?
2 Do you know the name of your father's mother?
3 Do you know the name of your mother's father name?
4 Do you have a recent (max 4 months) family group photo?
5 Do you know your parent's favourite song?
6 Do you know your mummy's maiden name?
7 Do you know your daddy/mummy's job titles?
8 Do you know how many wall clocks are in your house?
9 Do you know which colour are the sheets on your bed right now?
10 Everyone in family believes borrowing money is not good?
11 Young ones in the family confide in their elders, whenever there is a serious problem.
12 Parents do not believe that “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is still the best policy
13 When children misbehave, they usually knows what the consequences will be.
14 The head of the family does not have be to constantly on top of everyone to get things done?
15 Parents in the house usually do not get angry and scream at child
16 Child in house does not gets a spanking very frequently
17 Parents usually give children clear instructions as to how they want something done.
18 Children do not interrupt conversations of parents and elderly.
19 Younger ones usually gets up and ready without my help in the morning.
20 Everyone in family get gifts on their birthday from family members?
21 If you are in a car and you see your cousin/relative waiting at the bus stop, will you stop to pick him/her up?
22 Do parents often praise children and vice versa in front of other people?
23 No one in your family has the habit of calling people names in jest?
24 No one in your family uses physical aggression to get things done?
25 Do parents know how to use internet?
26 No one in family experiencing sleep disturbances or insomnia?
27 No one in family has eating disorder, that he she/he eats excessively or have a loss of appetite?
28 Does everyone in family eats breakfast properly?
29 Parent do not smoke cigarettes? Have u recently told them cigarette smoking is injurious to health?
30 Parent do not feel overworked when then come home at night?

Quiz Results:

if you scored <70, your family needs to spend more time together. If you scored 70 - 140 you are good family. If you scored 140-319 you are very noble family. If you scored >320 please contact us via email and we will publish your family photograph in our magazine. You can write to the Editor along with your photograph at :