So last night I had a chocolaty dream… a dream of swimming in the chocolate pool. There was chocolate all over my body. I completely relish chocolate. What a yummy dream isn't it? Did you know more than twice as many women than men eat and crave chocolate? Whenever your heart breaks, a chocolate will never leave you alone…A chocolate is also a best friend.. After a bar of chocolate one can forgive anybody…

I am a cholate-a-holic! I am one of those girls who enjoy chocolates merely so much that my heart rate increases more by looking at chocolate than Brad Pitt. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Semi-Sweet Chocolate - I love them all! Chocolate is like a mild anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. A chocolate bar can also get you forgiveness from anybody. So now you know how your mood uplifts whenever you eat that delicious bar of chocolate?

If you like statistics then you must know that when it comes to light versus dark, a little more than 25 percent of American choco-holics prefer the dark stuff and 71 percent favor milk chocolate. Since, milk chocolate contains cocoa butter, (a vegetable fat) and 20% milk fat, dark chocolate is deemed the healthier choice.

Chocolate is an $83 billion a year business, Europeans account for nearly half of all the chocolate the world eats, as revealed by the International Cocoa Organization. The average Brit, Swiss or German will each eat around 11 kilograms (24 pounds) of chocolate a year. Approximately, 40 percent of the world's almonds are used to manufacture chocolate. My favorite chocolates are: Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Cadbury, Nestle, Snickers, Mars and Kit Kat.

Chocolate is not only a sweet delicacy, but a natural beauty solution for various skin problems. There are various chocolate face masks which nourish your skin and leave feeling silky soft and deeply cleansed. Cocoa is known as a very strong anti-oxidant that helps in reversing the effects of aging and also tightens the skin.

Have you heard about chocolate massages? There's also a new treatment of hair removal in the market called a Chocolate wax which is made from natural ingredients such as cocoa, soybean oil, almond oil, glycerin and vitamins. It is less painful and doesn't result in rashes and redness. It also effectively removes sun tan.

I am sure after reading this article you won't consider chocolate sinful and would go and grab one! Enjoy!